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Planning the trip of a lifetime but not sure how far your budget will stretch? Student Flights round the world flights has the answer for you!

Did you know you can buy one single ticket to fly round the world and save heaps in the process? Now doesn't that sound like something worth skipping a few Saturday nights out for?

Basically, a whole bunch of airlines have banded up in alliances to offer round the world flights (RTW). A round the world ticket allows you to fly around the world, usually for up to a year with anywhere from 3 to 20 stops at different airports.

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Want to party around the world? Can do. Want to shop around the world, ski around the world or hit all the world's best beaches? Can do! Check out the awesome round the world flights options we've put together for you, or if you have something else in mind - no probs, you can build your own itinerary!

Or simply email us or click here for an instant call back and have Student Flights put together an itinerary for you.

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